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There’s a lot of stuff you can buy right now today in our fracti store if you had a MILLION FRACTI

It will take over 10 years for users to obtain 1 MILLION in fracti, it could take no time at all for CREATORS of items we select to sell in our fracti store.

CREATORS are te mega millionaires on our network, they fuel the users who earn fracti daily to buy what they create, be it minor items like books or music or major items like Art or NFT tokens. We even sell major digital assets in our store like domain names worth millions.

fracti(tm) is a FREE CRYPTO Coin Project

1 fracti = $1 Always that’s our motto

Other crypto is based on GREED

Our’s is based on equality

Billionaire or peasant are equal at the fracti network

Both EARN the same amount of fracti through their use of our network

Login you earn 10 fracti

Click an article and read it, that’s 10 fracti

Watch a video or movie that’s 10 fracti

No matter how rich or poor you are

fracti spends in our fracti store

It buys inexpensive items like books and music or movies

It buys expensive items for mega millions like Domain Name Assets

NFTS can be bought for not too much and resold on top markets like Opensea

Other Art and NFTS are worth mega millions

Some entities have mega millions already in fracti, they are CREATORS

These creators sell their work in our store

So an author or artist or musican can accumulate mega millions in fracti

They are after all CREATORS, users are equal, creators are not, users determine which creators earn fortunes in fracti ™

Tell us how much in other coins or even fiat you are willing to PAY US to obtain a Million Fracti in your fracti wallet

If we accept your offer, your wallet will get a credit of 1 MILLION FRACTI and it spends instantly in our store

Eventually, large crypto exchanges will pair our FREE CRYPTO up against other crypto which has no stores, no real utility and you will be able to obtain other crypto for our FREE CRYPTO and even cash it out into fiat if you wish.

You can cash out fracti now, if you have enough of it to acquire rare art, NFTS or Domin Names

These real assets can convert into cash on markets that sell art, NFTS and Domain Name assets

So it’s your choice, spend an hour a day basically on our network and EARN $1 Million by using our great network, or make us an offer, and just buy your Million fracti by giving us something we can use to maintain the network, it takes servers, conent editors, etc. to main fracti and until we are on a major exchange where we can easily convert fracti into fiat to pay bills, then giving away $1 Million in fracti for whatever, won’t be done in the future

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