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facti ™ is a Global Digital Currency created by the AI Foundation that is changing the world. Users of the fracti ™ Network generate fracti ™ by using the Network.

Users earn fracti ™ logging into the site, reading articles, watching videos, clicking links, making comments and reviews.

The community of fracti ™ users generate new fracti ™ 247 365.

Imagine that, you EARN fracti ™ just doing what you do everyday, consuming internet content.

facti.org is a Global Non Profit Organization Chartered out of the Cayman Islands and it’s mission is dedicated to helping humanity.

New users get FREE fracti ™ to join and EARN fracti ™ or f ™ by using our site to

Read – Watch – Click = EARN fracti ™

Users of fracti.org generate fracti ™ by using our site through logins at the rate of 10f a login and earn credit for up to 10 logins per day (3650f Year) as well as Reading, Watching and Clicking Links on our network. Users of the fracti (TM) Network can Earn 100,000 fracti (TM) each year just by using the fracti.org (TM) Network.

Creators of content for the fracti Network (TM) earn fracti ™ each time a user reads or watches their content. They also generate Fracti (TM) by creating content.

fracti (TM) is also generated  from user purchases of fracti (TM)

Featured Merchant Products are Sold in the fracti ™ store. Thereby, world commerce intertwines with users or members of fracti.org (TM) and it’s creators in the fracti.org Marketplace.

Business owners not displaying goods and services in our marketplace store can easily accept fracti (TM) directly from users or members via Instant No Fees Transfers. Any Business can accept fracti (TM) just by creating a FREE Account.

Merchants in the fracti Store (TM) agree to accept the value of fracti ™ at

1f = $1 USD

Merchant acceptance is the key to a stable fracti ™ unit.

fracti (TM) is the first new digital currency or crypto coin to be created based on merchant acceptance of that digital currency.

We have an elite core of Anchor Merchants and Content Creators to assure that our Network remains a vibrate Community for Generations to come creating fracti (TM) to power a Global Digital Currency.

In the Origin Stage of creation, fracti (TM) was created to be valued against an old world fiat system such as the USD.

The Origin Stage of development is also when fracti (TM) will be exchanged against all major digital coins in their value relationship to the USD for companies and individuals that want to instantly obtain fracti (TM).

However, the exponential growth power of fracti (TM) is that it’s main growth and acceptance is through user involvement on the Network and content creation by Creators on the Network.

User Network participation fuels the growth and acceptance of fracti (TM) around the world while Content Creators entertain users with content and digital products as well as goods and services from Fracti (TM) Merchants.

The fracti (TM) Network creates a mutualistic symbiotic relationship between content creators, users of content and Merchants of products, goods and services. All classes within the fracti (TM) Community mutually benefit from fracti (TM) creation, unlike the parasitic symbiotic relationships that old world fiat systems created that favored parasitic elites over consumers. The reason fiat has failed is consumers did not benefit equally from fiat.

fracti (TM) was created to allow content creators and users to benefit equally from the act of consuming digital content. The consumption of digital content from the start of the commercial digital age in 1995 until the creation of the fracti (TM) Network was done without having a mutually beneficial relationship between content creators and users.

Early Internet Platforms such as YT,  FB and Twitter abused Content Creators by not compensating creators fairly per user consumption of their digital content.

The fracti (TM) Network creates fracti (TM) instantly by the act of digital consumption between creators and users.

There is no heavy energy foot print on the fracti (TM) Network that other Crypto coins manifest due to complex math puzzles.

Eventually, the Global NOC’s that will be needed to maintain the fracti (TM) Network will be connected to green energy centers using thermal and solar resources.

The Origin Group that created the fracti (TM) Network was based on volunteers and donations from other NGO’s that share a vision of the future. A future where creators of digital content and users of digital content both benefit from creating and using digital content.

fracti ™ Communities on /r and FB can be used by fracti ™ members to trade fracti ™.

Crypto Exchanges can offer fracti ™ that they own to the Public. A Crypto Exchange can acquire fracti (TM) easily in the fracti Store (TM) in blocks of 1 Million f, that is it’s value. The market should treat fracti (TM) much like Tethers, in that it is not a speculation crypto but rather a stable crypto created by the relationship between digital creators and consumers.

If you purchase fracti ™ from off of our Network such as on an Exchange, the seller (Exchange) can just transfer fracti ™ from their account to yours with no fees instantly through our Network.


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