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fracti operates as an independent global digital currency that treats all users equally.

Thre is a ‘Board’ that oversees fracti, which is compromised of 7 non-profit NGO’s.

fracti has one of the 7 board seats

Nation of One has a board seat

Temple of ‘Hayah has a board seat

GREPA has a board seat

Universitius has a board seat

HelixQ has a board seat an AI Company

Adoni Trust has a board seat


fracti is based out of the Cayman Islands

fracti is it’s own ‘exchange’ in that it accepts many crypto currencies for purchase of fracti.

fracti is generated by user network interactions.

It is infinite in supply

There is a fracti store where digital goods are sold to benefit store members who sell items for fracti

The value of fracti at it’s inception is based upon the value of the USD

1 fracti = $1 USD


Every network interaction generates 3 fracti units and the amount is determined by the board (currently set to 1 fracti per transaction to users). 3 Equal units are created by each interaction that are distributed as follows. 1 unit to user generating the interaction. 1 unit to the creator of the content the user is engaging with and 1 unit to the network (fracti).

Disputes between members in regards to distribution of fracti or hacking of user accounts are settled via the fracti dispute process

For a nominal fee, fracti will investigate any alleged disputes

Any decision it makes is final


There are no transaction fees to use the fracti network


All members agree to use the courts of the Nation of One in regards to any dispute arising out of the use of the fracti network



fracti TM

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