Fracti Crypto Art Earn 18% Year

Earn 18% Year Interest

On Crypto Art NFT

Major NFTS on Opensea

Lesser NFTS on Opensea




Fracti Crypto Art

Earn 18% Year


Major NFTS on Opensea


Lesser NFTS on Opensea


We have some of the most valuable artists in the world.

In our Fracti Crypto Art Project

The works are minted on the Ethereum Block Chain by us with the artists permission on the #1 NFT Marketplace which is Opensea.

All are sold with a fracti crypto 18% a year Interest payment.

That means you earn 1.5% per month in fracti as long as you own the work.

At anytime, you can turn in the work to pur project and receive the full value of your crypto art investment in fracti.

Since its minted as a collectible NFT in the #1 NFT marketplace, that being Opensea, you can list the item there for sale and earn a higher price as a NFT collectible or return it to or project for full investment value in fracti.

Our store has billions of dollars worth of NFTs and valuable Domain Name assets.

This project is the first guaranteed NFT art project.




fracti TM

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