The Lizard King #1 in the Lizard Kings Series created by SOLLOG & The Crypto Gods



Lizard Kings #1 Jimmy
Lizard Kings #1 Jimmy


The Lizard King #1

In the Lizard Kings Series

Created by SOLLOG & The Crypto Gods


Key Pieces in the Game Lizard Kings


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The Lizard King #1 in the Lizard Kings Series for Polygon created by SOLLOG & The Crypto Gods

The Game is in Development between 8 Bits Studio and Adoni Studio creators of

Gods & Demons NFT Game

Museum Crypto NFT Game

This piece will have special powers in the game, common pieces will be minted in larger numbers.

Less common mintings are already worth millions. This minting is small enough to see significant value increases as the game starts to attract millions of users all over the world who want to play the part of a LIZARD KING.

Lizard Kings 1000 is a Retro 8Bit NFT Series created by SOLLOG the first artist to have a Billion Dollar art sale of his famous NAME OF GOD Painting

This is THE LIZARD KING a 8bit retro image of the LIZARD KING himself aka JIMMY

The LIZARD KINGS are the heart throbs of modern history the famous males who made millions of females swoon, some were Rock Stars like the LIZARD KING himself and others were movie idols

If you are a person that appreciates the history of music and film you will love these collectible NFTS created by SOLLOG and the team at is the busiest artist site in the world since SOLLOG is world famous for his prophecies and his Occult Symbol Art has been collected for decades

Lizard Kings 1000 Series Minted on Polygon

Created by SOLLOG and the Crypto Gods

From 8 Bits Studio

A Retro 8bits Studio Collection of the most famous Lizard Kings in HIstory

Key pieces for a NFT Game in development by 8 Bits Studio and Adoni Studio

Are you a lizard king?



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